About the Company

The company Elit-Travel was founded in Italy in 2000. During our work we have proved to be an effective logistics operator that provides efficient and fast international cargo transportation.
Elit-Travel comprises logistic centres with our warehouses which are located in different places around the world: Italy, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Rimini, Civitanova Marche, Rome, Naples ...
International cargo transportations start from the central warehouse of Italy, Europe, Turkey, Japan, Canada and the USA and go to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the Baltic countries. For general cargo we use air and ground transportation.
In Addition, we have created a full range of services for customs clearance and cargo insurance for our clients. We offer consolidated security warehouses with video surveillance in the most important industrial cities of Italy and Europe.

Elit-Travel - is:
- a full range of freight services by land and air transport;
- logistics services for any type of goods;
- collection and transmission of information about the movement of goods and their location during the transportation;
- planning and formation of general cargo;
- elaboration and selection of location of logistics facilities;
- process management of warehouse processing of material flow;
- packaging of products according to the requirements for delivery and quality saving;
- customer's choice of a vehicle type for delivery.