Air transportation from Europe and the world

Fast delivery, quality assurance


Auto transportation from Europe

Optimal correlation between price and quality.


Truck transport from Europe

Bring in quick terms different type of cargo


Cargo Storage

Guarantee safety of your goods



We will provide coordination and interconnection of all participants of the logistic chain


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One of the main directions of our company's work is cargo transportation from Europe and Asia. Elit-Travel chose vehicles tested by time, because it's convenient, profitable and fast.

Air transportation

Our company also uses a fast, convenient, and sometimes the only way to deliver cargo is air transportation. The cargo will be delivered as quickly as possible on favourable terms for you from any country of the world.


Elit-Travel undertakes the organization of all the processes related to the sorting, packaging and palletization of goods, and also subsequent freight transportation of goods. As in Italy and abroad, your goods will be transported from the place of shipment to the place of destination.


Since 2000, the company Elit-Travel continues providing the service of responsible storage of goods in warehouses. For a long period we have gained much experience in the process of storage of goods of our customers.

Customs broker

We will become a connecting link between customs and the importer or exporter that is the subject of foreign- economic activity.

Customs clearance

Due to the movement of goods and transport across borders, it is necessary to arrange customs clearance, which, in turn, is a collection of important formalities.