Auto transportation from Europe

One of the main directions of our company's work is cargo transportation from Europe and Asia. Elit-Travel chose vehicles tested by time, because it's convenient, profitable and fast.

The most popular way of cargo transportation also has a number of advantages, the main of which is speed. Elit-Travel takes care of the possibility to save money by choosing auto transportation.

Carrying out the delivery with Elit-Travel, you will clearly know the terms that may help to plan the activity of your work. Thus, international cargo transportations by vehicles mean efficiency and quality at low prices. Elit- Travel conducts continuous monitoring of your cargo location because only professionals – experts work in our company. We are always ready to listen to the suggestions and fulfil all the requirements of our customers as accurate as possible. We provide delivery services for different types of cargo and in unlimited quantity throughout Europe:

The shipment is carried out twice per week;

Informing about the cargo location;

Delivery of cargo to Ukraine for 2-5 days;

Delivery of cargo to Belarus, Russia and the Baltic countries for 5-7 days.